xxxhibitionist-deactivated20140 asked: Can I be your cock slut for a day. Do anything you want, the thought of even doing a MILF has me like a rock. My cock is on my tumblr and it is hard right now thinking of you on it.

Just a day, that is all you would like to offer? :) And I checked out your tumblr and all I can say is niceeeee…

Anonymous asked: I want you to suck my Big Black Dick so I can show you what it's like to go black.

Well I would like to see some pictures before I can make any comment on this….would you care to share?

lookingforafuck asked: what would i have to do to get a video of you? :p

We are contemplating videos for tumblr…stay tuned… :)

Anonymous asked: How old are you, you look amazing. Love your blog I'm exactly the same about my boyfriends cock. Totally addicted!

Oh, a lady nevers tells her age…:). Thank you for writing-it’s nice to find a kindred spirit….tell me, tell me more! What about it makes you so addicted to his cock? Share! GW

allmyfaves4u-deactivated2012031 asked: I love reading post from a women that loves cock sooo much. It makes having a dick feel really good :) Thanks!

Thank you for reading, and I do love cock so much. Sometimes I think I have cock envy because I always want one at my disposal….lucky for me my husband will always give in to my needs. Thank you for writing..xo GW

angardnio-deactivated20120223 asked: Good for you that you are even better when you are bad

It’s the way it is, don’t you agree? A little naughty goes a long way….:)

1deactivatedaccount-deactivated asked: am thinking ... its one hell of a lucky husband you got :)

Thank you! I think I am the lucky one—I have an amazing cock to play with every day and I feel I won the lottery! xoGW

Anonymous asked: I love your page. I sure wish my wife was more like you, she is only interested in action once a week. You should tag your self pics on here and make it so we can click to a page of just you.

Thank you~I appreciate the nice thoughts and I will try to tag them—as far as your wife is concerned, action begets action…start with two days and then add another…my husband and I are literally at it seven days a week at this point so set your sights high! Make her feel sexy and beautiful and she will be putty in your hands….xoGW

Anonymous asked: Wish you were mine...

Wow, thank you—but what you do if I was yours?

Anonymous asked: Would you ever suck another dick? A big black one?

Yes I would and yes I would.  I am color blind and find beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and color. 

Why do you ask?

Anonymous asked: Hey, just curious what your guidelines are for posting nudes - Do you post nude pictures of males or females if they look like they're under 18? Please PM, I'd love to follow

Never ever…. thanks for asking. 

If we were friends outside of tumblr…

… I wouldn’t have the self restraint to not subtlely check out your ass everytime I was around you. Multiple times :) Just because you’re married doesn’t mean I wouldn’t pray for a strong wind on the days you wear a breezy skirt to pick up your kids from soccer practice, hoping for the opportunity to see your hot panties. And don’t ask me to house sit for you when you go on vacation either, because I wouldn’t hesitate to open your panty drawers each day to sniff and lick each pair to my aching heart’s content :) I don’t doubt that you have some sexy nude photos hidden in that drawer as well! Please don’t be offended, but you are just so sexy that I would forever be jealous that your husband has great, passionate sex with you instead of me.  By the way, I think your blog is great and I’m a big fan. Your pics are great, but it’s the text you add that truly makes your blog exceptional :) Thank you for putting thought into your post! You really know how to make a man horny :P

WOW - you are making me blush.  Thank you sexy!

very nice!

I just discovered your tumblr blog. Incredibly sexy. Especially love the pix of you. Very sexy lady with a deliciously naughty taste in pictures!

Thank you so very much.  I don’t post often but I do post carefully.  Have a great week….

thickbutbeautifull-deactivated2 asked: wow you should put like a full body pic to show how sexy of a milf u are

Deal… give me a little time to find one and I will post.  Thanks for being so kind. 

I really enjoy your posts.  Very erotic, very enjoyable.

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