Lose yourself?

Sounds like you really like totally losing yourself in the experience.  And I have to admit, there’s nothing sexier than a woman who gives totally into those primal urges. That’ - btw - is one of the big attractions to me of a MMF threesome, or as this blog posted I’ve cited before so wonderfully put it:


"The woman in an MMF threesome is ipso facto more girl than one guy can handle... The center wants attention.  She wants affection.  She wants to be fucked senseless. The men in the room are tools–sexual tools that exist only for her masturbatory pleasure.  They have been objectified into dicks and fingers and mouths–inanimate objects that serve only one purpose: to get her off.  She is a sex-starved, take-everything-you-can-dish-out woman–begging for it all, begging for release–and she can’t get enough of it.

What is that but the very definition of sluttiness (and my definition of epically fucking hot)?

FFM threesome?  Fun, for sure.  Exciting too!

MMF threesome?  Now that’s a thing which promises to unleash the immense latent female sexual power and capacity that must otherwise be kept deep and held secret for fear of pejorative judgments and social stigma.

To behold that bottomless pool of raw dripping lust, exposed and revealed, and to recklessly throw one’s self into it, is, to me, the ultimate form of worship and intimacy.”

I love this man! AGW

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